Allergies Got You Feeling Miserable?

You are exhausted, irritated and can't think clearly. Nose running and stuffed-up, you are constantly reaching for a Kleenex tissue. Huge pressure in your head and your whole face hurts. Swollen, itchy, watery eyes... you simply feel miserable. And it seems hard to find anyone around who is sympathetic to your suffering. You might take some comfort in knowing that there are around 60 million people in America who share your misery, suffering from some form of nasal allergy and sinus problems or rhinitis and sinusitis in technical terms.

So, what is the difference between sinusitis and rhinitis? Well, what color is your mucus? What an "ewww" question! I realize most of us don't care to look at this unpleasant bodily secretion. However, the color of your mucus gives you an idea whether you have sinusitis (yellow-green) or rhinitis (clear/white), two very common medical conditions.

Despite the prevalence of sinusitis and rhinitis affecting a lot of people, there is much confusion about their multifaceted, complex causes and what can be done about them. I was certainly bewildered and asked what, why, when, and how questions about my nasal and sinus condition. Fortunately, my search proved to be fruitful and the good news I share with you is that there are effective treatments (both conventional and alternative) for quick relief as well as methods we can implement to facilitate overall healing and well-being.

While conventional approaches are valuable and necessary, the emphasis here would be on the holistic approach that looks to the causes of the disease rather than just symptoms. The holistic method integrates our body, mind, and soul. And it requires patience and a long-term commitment to make healthy, positive changes. This is challenging for us because we live in a "quick fix" age. We want quickest, most effortless way of everything - including our health. However, as we realize our responsibility in creating our optimal health, we are empowered to become our own healers by nurturing our body and mind as well as creating an environment that supports our endeavors.

Natural Allergy Relief

My experience in working with hundreds of patients attempting to resolve asthma and allergies has been rewarding. The asthmatics gradually improve, and the allergic patients slowly reduce the severity of their allergies and many become entirely non-allergic. Many patients who had strong allergies to cats, dust mites and pollen, no longer have these sensitivities. From a combination of dietary advice and a limited amount of nutritional supplements, most people start to improve their condition in a few months. I have even had patients who surprisingly continued to be allergic a year later and then after about 20 months following my recommendations, their allergies faded away. Recoveries are the rule and not the exception.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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